September 15 Blog

Watt Property – September 15 Update

The summer holiday season is officially over and we’re all refreshed and raring to go!? It’s great to have a full complement of staff back in the office and we have lots to be looking forward to…. keep reading to find out more…..

…..First the informative bit….

Tax on Rental Income

I’ve managed to catch up with a few of our existing and new clients over the past few weeks and one question that has been asked a few times now is “do I have to declare my rental income to the tax office?”. The quick answer is yes, but I have copied below a link to a very detailed explanation on the tax implications in relation to rental income on residential properties.? If you have any questions on this please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Angela.

We are also more than happy to introduce you to a firm of Accountants, who we have been working with for a number of years now, and who would be delighted to offer a personal tax return preparation service to our clients if you would like more guidance and assistance in this area.


Next……Office Gossip!

Watt Property are the Proud new owners of
5A Giles Street, Edinburgh!

We are extremely delighted to advise all our clients that we have purchased a new office, which is going to give us so much more room to expand and most importantly to meet with our clients.? As some of you will be aware we are falling over ourselves in our Duke Street office as it is a bit on the small side for us now, with poor Angela having to jump up from her desk each time we have to hold a client or tenant meeting.? Her office is not only the meeting room, but also the staff room at lunch time!? Not for much longer though, our new premises will have lots of space for staff members,? including a training room and a separate meeting room.? It’s going to be a few months before we are ready to make the move from Duke Street to Giles Street, but we’ll keep you updated with progress and look forward to sending you all an invite to our official opening when the time comes.? The location is excellent, being only a short walk from The Shore and just round the corner from Mimi’s Bakehouse (mmmmm……coffee break will be superb!).?? Watch this space for a progress report !


Angela at office door