Sub-letting your home…

Please be aware that it is a contravention of your lease to sublet all or a part of the property you are renting.

Watt Property will make occasional investigations to ensure that you are complying with the terms of the contract you have signed and if you are found to be contravening any of the terms, they, the landlord or both, may take action against you for this contravention. The effect of subletting is not restricted to, but could include

  • The Landlord being in contravention of his mortgage providers terms and conditions resulting in the mortgage company having the option to repossess the property.
  • The Landlord could be in default of insurance terms and conditions effectively making the property uninsured.
  • The Landlord may be in breach of Landlord legislation resulting in severe financial penalties and/or de-registration which could impact on their ability to let your property and any others they hold.
  • The landlord may be subject to criminal penalties for noncompliance with legislation relating to let properties.
  • The Agent may be liable to compensate the Landlord for your default and it’s effects.
  • The Agent may be in breach of legislation and your actions may mean there are severe financial penalties, and/or civil and criminal proceedings against them.

In the event that any of the above apply and either the Agency or the Landlord’s position is prejudiced we, and/or the landlord, may take action against you for compensation. This would relate to the amount of difficulty that the Agent and/or the landlord suffers as a result of your actions. We and your landlords reserve the right to apply to the courts for compensation for your illegal use of their property which may not be restricted to the unjustified enrichment you receive.