This month we have received a few inquiries about the Scottish Government’s proposals in relation to the Reform of the Private Rented Sector and although everything is still speculative we have tried to summarise below some changes that are likely to come into effect.

Ending a Tenancy;

The main changes are likely to involve the grounds that landlords can ask tenants to leave,? i.e. they will not be able to just serve notices saying they want the property back unless they have good reason.? However generally when tenants are chosen then this? can be taken into consideration and therefore there would only be a problem if the tenant decided not to leave when they had advised.? The indication is that you would still be able to ask them to leave if you want to sell or if you want to refurbish the property through a speeded up eviction procedure via a new special tribunal rather than the courts.

Rent Controls;

There has also been a lot of talk about rent controls and the bill includes a provision for the government to impose restrictions on rent which would be used in rent hotspots, places where it is considered rents are artificially high.? This seems to be a political move to ensure the government is looking egalitarian.? However it has to be weighed up with the fact that they want to attract large investors to the property sector who are not likely to look upon this favourably if it is enforced.? It would also impact on lenders and the government does need the private sector to fulfill its housing needs so the provision would probably be used carefully if at all.

Below is a link to the Scottish Government’s website publication which outlines the Policy Overview in terms of the Second Consultation, which we hope you will find informative.