Council of Letting Agents Annual Conference

Angela & Pauline attended the annual conference of Letting Agents during the month of May, staying overnight in Glasgow at the lovely Glasgow City Hotel.? The Agency Conference was extremely well attended, with over 200 Letting Agents represented, and there was a wealth of information available to all, including the up to date position with the regulation of Letting Agents.? Due to the outcome of the recent elections, there will be a slight delay, however, it is looking likely that from 31st January 2018 all Letting Agents will require to adhere to the new Letting Agents Code of Practice, which will also require certain staff members to have attained a certain level of qualification to allow the Agency to continue.? The level of qualification is still being discussed, but we are hoping to hear in the next few months what qualification will be expected and as soon as Watt Property have this information we will take the necessary steps to ensure that we meet the criteria set.? As Watt Property staff are continually attending seminars and courses relating to residential lets we do not anticipate that the qualification set will raise any concerns within the business.

If you have any questions regarding the regulation of the Letting Agents please don’t hesitate to contact Pauline or Angela of the office.

edinburgh tenements

Is your rental property in an Edinburgh tenement?

If you answered yes, then you may have already received a letter from Edinburgh City Council in respect of the repair and maintenance of stair lighting.? If not, you will find a copy of their letter by clicking on the link below.? Edinburgh City Council have taken the decision to withdraw their existing service to repair and maintain stair lighting in Edinburgh tenements.? This service will stop from 30th June and will become the responsibility of the individual owners within the stair.? This highlights that there is more reason than ever to ensure that all owners in such properties arrange a shared repair scheme to deal with such maintenance issues and to ensure that all owners are included and accountable for their responsibility to keep their properties, including common areas, well maintained and most importantly safe.? Watt Property are always happy to provide advice to our clients, however, for general advice and guidance on shared repairs on Edinburgh properties please visit the Edinburgh City Council website, using the link below to find out how to take those first?steps to setting up a shared repair scheme within your stair,?or alternatively contact the other owners in your stair to look at all the options available.


We had our Team Spring Night Out at the end of April and what a great night it was.? Wanting to make full use of our new office space, we opted to have a takeaway delivered to the office to start the night off with a bite to eat and a “few”? glasses of wine.? We then headed off to Edinburgh Playhouse, where we had a fantastic night of entertainment from a range of comedians and bands.? Poor Rebecca of the office is too young to remember the first act of the night, Hue & Cry, but her favourite had to be Gary The Tank Commander, who had all our sides aching from his hilarious antics.? Thank you to Forth One Entertains for putting on an excellent show and we would certainly recommend this to everyone if it becomes an annual event.

Office Night Out Spring 16

Suite 1 of Giles St is now let!

We were delighted, this month, to hand over the keys of our lovely Suite 1 to the new tenant, John Bernard Personal Trainer, who we are sure will do considerably well in his new premises.? John already has his branding placed both inside and outside the premises and if you click on the link below you will be able to see for yourself how great the place looking.? We’re hoping John might come through and give us a free training session soon!