When should I think about redecorating and making improvements in my rental property?

As an experienced Letting Agency, Watt Property, aim to give as much advice to our landlords as we can on all matters relating to their rental properties.  Many of our clients have rented out their properties for a long period of time, be it to a long-term tenant or across many tenancies over a number of years.

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme intimate that property owners should expect a certain lifespan out of furniture, appliances and decoration within their properties and when we carry out our routine inspections of our properties we take time to consider this and advise our clients if we think something may be coming to the end of its life.

Assessing Fair Wear & Tear at the end of a Tenancy

More often than not, when a property becomes vacant landlords query what changes can be considered as wear and tear against what should be considered as a deduction from the tenants deposit.

Safe Deposits Scotland have put together a very handy guide to help Agents, Landlords and Tenants understand how the Tenancy Deposit Scheme adjudicators consider deduction proposals and we frequently refer to this when carrying out vacant inspections on behalf of our landlords.

We have provided a link to this guide below for your information.  If you would like to talk to a member of our team about the deposit on your property, please don’t hesitate to call, or email us.  We’re always delighted to provide landlords with any advice we can.


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