We are aware that tenants are struggling to find accommodation just now and we have concerns that they are taking anything even if it is not really what they are looking for just to have somewhere to stay.

What is the best way to proceed?

We would recommend phoning for appointments instead of emailing as we are receiving so many emails we are unable to respond to them all.  Last weekend we came back to 389 emails for two flats.

We also suggest you listen to the instructions given carefully.  Our policy is to ask that viewings are confirmed by potential tenants one hour before the viewing.  If you have not confirmed, then your slot may be offered to someone else or the agent may not be at the property.  This policy also gives us a guide as to whether you will read emails we send you throughout your tenancy and ultimately we are looking for tenants who we can maintain a good relationship moving forward while also fulfilling our legal obligations to the landlord.

In addition, we hope that this relationship can be built on mutual respect and co-operation.  We therefore look for continuity in your approach to us.  If you say a one-bedroom property is for a family of four and then change your mind to just for you we are unable to accept you as not only is integrity in question but we cannot take the chance of potential overcrowding.

Where to look?

Lastly, our agency advertises through ‘On the Market’ and we usually advertise exclusively through then for the first 48 hours.  This would therefore be a good place to start if looking for one of our properties.  Thereafter we place adverts on our website and currently Zoopla.  However, in the current climate they are likely to be listed as let agreed on these sites straight away.  We still place adverts on these sites even if the property has gone as it is an advert to potential landlords that we are actively letting in the area and the more properties we can get on the market the better for everyone involved.

We hope this helps in your search and wish you well in finding a new home.

Image by rawpixel.com