May 2015 Office Blog

Have you ever heard of that saying “Four Seasons in one day!” – well that’s exactly what we?are experiencing in Edinburgh this week. We’ve had beautiful sunshine, rain, wind, hail and?even snow all in the same day! Here’s hoping May is going to bring milder weather.

New Services

I’m pleased to be able to advise you that Angela has been very busy meeting new contacts?this month and we now have the facility to refer you to a Financial Adviser as well as a?Conveyancing Solicitor. Both of these contacts have a similar friendly, but professional,?approach to their clients and we are certain that you will find their information valuable and?their costs as competitive as our own. Please let myself or Angela know if you would like us?to pass your details on to them at any time.

Gas Safety in Properties

I am quite sure that you are all very aware of the requirement to have your gas appliances in?let properties inspected annually as part of your landlord obligations, however, you may not?be aware that the Government have amended the Building Regulations in 2013 to ensure?that a Carbon Monoxide Detector is required in properties when a boiler or other fixed?heating appliance is replaced or upgraded. Having your best interests at heart we are?installing detectors as they are inspected by Marlene. We are purchasing CMD’s in bulk now?therefore we are able to provide these at completive costs for our clients. Marlene from?our office is identifying on her inspections any properties that don’t have a unit in place and?we are routinely adding these in and advising the tenants on how these should be tested. If?your property is one of these we will simply deduct the cost of the unit from your next rent?statement.

Useful Link;

You will likely be starting to look at your self assessment tax forms for this year and the link?below will offer you helpful guidance on completing your forms.

HMRC tax guide to let property